Management Profiles

Brian Reaves, Director

Brian is a business builder by nature and has built and re-built many businesses in the mobile and payment space. His secrets to success include surrounding himself with good people combined with excellent leadership and a clear market oriented focus. He has an international, cross-cultural perspective with experience in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, India, Russia, and the U.S.  Brian was involved in building 15 mobile networks, two of which as part of Optima, together with five fintech companies and many technology projects has given him a broad base of experience.

Over his career, he has had the pleasure of hiring over 500 people, raised more than $100m is debt and equity for projects and co-invested in a variety of companies.

Erik Jennes, Advisor

Erik is the COO of Multi-Pilot Simulations BV, a technology company focused on training airline pilots. Prior to this he had over twenty years of management experience in telecommunications having worked as Managing Director for AT&T in the Middle East and Russia and as an Executive Vice President for Linxtelecom. Erik co-founded Vostok Mobile, a mobile operator in Russia and Cecom, a fiber based network operator in Central Europe. In addition he holds a masters degree in System Engineering and Avionics from the University of Delft. Erik is specialised in building companies in emerging markets and works closely with Optima Investments on various projects.

Giberto Arredondo, Advisor

Gilberto has over 20 year experience in the technology and payments space. He has been involved in many Optima investments such as Islandcom and Melita in the mobile space,  Fastacash and Transfer To in payments, and PR.CO in the media space.

He is currently focused on developing fintech opportunities bringing together fintech expertise, entrepreneurs, and investors.