About Optima Investments

Optima Investments is an angel investor with an active management style that assists small start-ups not only with funding, but also augments the investment with the planning and execution skills. Optima Investments normally acts as an early stage investor with management to develop opportunities for larger later-stage investors.

Our focus is on harnessing early stage innovations, mostly in the technology, media and telecoms sector that meet the following criteria:

  • A clear opportunity for commercialisation of the product or service
  • Credible founders with the required management skills and necessary dedication
  • The product or service must be scalable with a sustainable margin
  • We must have a clear understanding of the market and potential returns
  • Optima Investments typically invests €50,000 to €250,000 in a particular opportunity

We do not limit our activities to a certain niche or geography, but more on our resource capacity to actively participate in the successful development of the investee company at a given time.

Investment Activities

We have made investments in fintech companies such as Factris, Payworks, LoopPay, Fastacash and Transfer To as well as a investments in Islandcom, a mobile network operator, Surprise Drinks, a kids drink company, and Online Health Innovations with mobile technology for testing cardio health and PR.CO, a tool for getting your company’s message out.